Session One – The Importance of Knowing Your Unique Value

Let’s start here. Ask yourself the question in the diagram “Am I Happy?” You can see that if the answer is “Yes” then the diagram encourages you to “keep doing what you’re doing.” If the answer is “No” then the next question is “Do I want to be happy?” If “No” then the diagram, again, encourages you to “keep doing what you’re doing.“

Have you ever known anyone that seemed to simply not want to be happy? I think we all have and let’s determine that this is now you. If you enjoy being angry and unhappy, then let’s not waste our time and your money. So that brings us to the “Yes, I want to be happy” which brings us to – do something different.” We are there together, let’s figure out where the answer to this diagram means for you.

Define Happiness for yourself. In your online journal write the question “What makes me happy” and write a list of four to five things that make you happy.

ACTION STEP: Remember a time when the things that make you happy were not available. Maybe you had a sick wife or a client was angry with your product or service. Write down how you responded to that moment. Can you remember a time or several times when you did not respond well to those moments? Write down how you reacted and how you felt. Were there times you felt pleased with how you responded? Write down what those actions looked like and how you felt.

Quiz - Module One - Session One

DISCUSSION – Let’s discuss ways to react better than you might have in the past. Feel free to write input those ideas into your journal before our discussion.

Your Core Journal - Module One - Session One

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