COMMUNICATION/RELATIONSHIP – The Importance (And Fear) of Risking Honesty and Trust

Core Concepts for Module 3

  • What is Brave Communication and why is it important
  • The warning signs and danger of political mindsets
  • The concept of honor and identifying unhealed offenses
  • Risking Trust: the importance for leaders

Checklist for Module 3

  • Identify anyone with whom you need to risk Brave Communication
    • Someone who causes you to react when thinking of them
    • Someone with whom you’ve recently had a confusing interaction
    • A conflict that needs to be cleared up
  • Improve communication skills
    • Learn ways to identify and communicate goals for a WIN/WIN form of communication
    • Learn how to identify discomfort in you or others in communication and tools to bring trust and safety into difficult conversations
    • Search for “hidden agendas” in your Core that need to be shared
    • Do you ask good questions?
  • Review ourselves for political motivators
    • Honestly review painful interactions as indicators that a deeper look into a Core root is needed
      • A situation in which your own success outweighs the needs of the team
      • Any fear that someone else’s success comes at the detriment of your own
      • Struggle to own mistakes for fear of what people will think
    • Learn when to confront or transparently share with people and when to draw boundaries
    • Avoid assuming the motives of others and learn tools that need to be learned
    • Do you like being angry?
  • What is your ability to honor?
    • Are you looking at others as enemies or less intelligent for their beliefs?
    • Is it difficult to hear from others who believe differently?
    • When faced with disagreement, are you powerful with a Prince mindset? Or struggle as a Pauper?
  • Identify any areas where you struggle to risk trust
    • Accepting the fallibility of yourself and others
    • Learning that difficult moments don’t mean you’re bad or are a victim
    • Ensure that past painful moments of risking trust have been identified and worked through
  • Add any needed identity statements or aspirations to your I AM statement