VISION – What If I’m Leading and Nobody’s Following?

Core Concepts for Module 4

  • Understanding the importance of a leader’s vulnerability in earning trust
  • Recognizing the need to re-earn trust and imagining a process for doing so
  • Gaining tools for casting and persevering towards a vision
  • Wrestling with the concept of leaders who “Eat Last”

Checklist for Module 4

  • Maintaining and Restoring Trust
    • Are you keeping “Trust Accounts” filled?
      • Asking: “How are you experiencing me?”
      • Making trust deposits
        • Displaying integrity and competence
        • Review trust: Is your team free to dream and to be creative?
    • Build a process for improvement
      • Make a decision to trust and not to be victimized
      • Risk trust with team, even if they are unfair
  • Casting Vision
    • Have you earned authority?
      • Are you able to give up your agenda for the good of the team?
      • Do you trust yourself to make decisions? To make mistakes?
  • Persevering towards the Vision
    • Do you speak opportunities more than challenges?
    • Can you hear from others and course correct?
    • Do you monitor positive v negative input?
  • Evaluating Your Ability as a Servant Leader
    • Are you a leader that “eats last?”
    • What is the value of servant leadership as it pertains to “earned authority?” What’s the danger of servant leadership from an unhealthy perspective?
    • Do you trust yourself to ask people to risk in your vision?
    • Will people do difficult things at your direction and do them with excellence?


  • Add any needed identity statements or aspirations to I AM statement