MINDSET – What You Believe CAN Be Harmful to Your (Core) Health

Core Concepts of Module 2

  • Learn the definition/importance of mindset on one’s core well-being
  • How our amazing brain programs mindset
  • The comparison of Guilt v. Shame
  • The importance of vulnerability

Checklist for Module 2

  • Review your personal mindset
    • Do you have interaction with people who differ from you?
      • Why or why not?
    • Check for a mindset that might have even served well, but isn’t beneficial for coming seasons of life?
  • What words are regularly spoked that impact mindset?
    • Language of a Pauper or a Prince?
      • Can you speak hopeful thinking – Can live knowing you have a table number at the pizza shop?
      • What is your intake? Proctologist or Artist?
        • Do you need to limit volume? Or strengthen your core?
  • The Power of Shame
    • Is there any pain to “not let go to waste?”
    • Review unhealthy responses you’ve had to difficult input in the past
      • Types of responses: avoidance, anger, resistance to assistance, accusation of those who disagree, feeling victimized by people or institutions
  • Practice of Mindfulness
    • Do you have a mindfulness practice to process pain?
    • Can you incorporate your I AM statement into that mindfulness time?
  • Able to be vulnerable with those in your close circle?
    • What is your physical response to moments of vulnerability?
      • What is the root cause of any response?
      • Are you enough? Valuable even in low moments?
      • Are you allowed to make mistakes?
    • What does a process of leaning into vulnerability look like?
      • What is your definition of ‘success?’
      • Ask for help
      • Getting feedback from others
    • Can you make safety for others around you to be vulnerable?
    • Add any identity statements or aspirations to your I AM statement