IMPACT – Small Changes Can Be a Big Deal

Core Concepts for Module 6

  • The Why of what we do
  • How Can One Person Really Make a Change?
  • Gaining Authority in an Area of Interest
  • Innovation and Intentionality

Checklist for Module 6

  • What you do as a lifestyle, not an add on
    • Do you know why you do what you do?
      • How what you do as a leader impacts the world
      • Is your why more than a task on the To Do list?
  • Do you worry you can’t really have an impact?
    • What is an area of your life about which you have a passion?
    • What is an intentional step you can take to impact that area?
      • Are you willing to take small steps?
  • What are some ways to gain authority in areas you wish to impact?
    • Are you learning about that issue or area?
    • Do you know of an organization or group you could partner with?
      • Think of steps you can take
  • What are the steps right in front of you that you can take to change an area you want to influence?
  • Are you celebrating small steps and small wins?
    • What are two things you have learned that you will take with you?
  • Is there anything you learned in this module or aspire to that might need to be added to your I AM statement?