IDENTITY – Who Am I? How to Live Knowing My Value

Core Concepts for Module 1

  • The difference between “happiness” and “Core Well-Being.”
  • The impact Core Well-Being has on our ability to live a successful and sustainable life, both professionally and personally.
  • What is your Core Identity and what makes it the “Big Rock” of our Core Well-Being?
  • Why is self-medication harmful to our Core Well-Being and what drives the need for self-medication?
  • What is a Prince v. Pauper Mindset and how do we move from one to the other?

Checklist for Module 1

  • Draft an “I AM” statement to define your Core story
    • Begin using the I AM statement to impact your Core story
    • Define where a healthy Core is that can help you to be OK on good days and on not-so-good days
    • Identify your value as a human being as who you are, not what you do
  • Identify and Explore areas of weakness in your Core story
    • Identify “buttons” or “triggers” and develop tools to manage your reaction to those
    • Begin a process of eliminating them altogether
  • Identify any unhealthy self-medication coping mechanisms in your life
    • Explore why those are a go-to method for you
    • Learn ways to change the habits that develop from these unhealthy coping mechanisms
  • Define if you operate as a “Prince” or a “Pauper”
    • Do you expect good things to happen? Or not?
    • Do you feel able to ask for help and for resources?
    • What are the self-fulfilling prophecies you are believing
  • Begin to ask others for input into your identity