Core Leaders Network is an exciting network in which leaders are provided with tools through support and mentoring and collaborative learning for professional success and personal fulfillment

Happiness isn’t the goal. Success is finding well-being in circumstances that are good and in those that are not so good.” – Paul Swearengin


  • Too often people find themselves achieving in life, yet still not sensing complete fulfillment and purpose in their life
  • Core issues in life such as lacking identity, struggling to process disappointment, or routinely experiencing interpersonal conflict can cause leaders to feel stuck and held back from greater business success and personal satisfaction
  • The Core Leaders Network helps leaders overcome these issues by identifying and resolving them through a four month leadership development and mentoring program.

Core Leaders Network

A leader’s core strengths are his or her greatest assets. The Core Leaders Network (CLN) guides leaders towards capitalizing on these strengths for more productive personal and professional lives. By identifying and overcoming inhibiting hurdles, leaders become a healthier version of themselves and healthy leaders make for healthier organizations with greater potential for success.

Core Leaders Network Mentorship

  • CLN Sessions Include:
    • Monthly one-on-one mentoring
    • Monthly gatherings with the Core cohort
    • Weekly curriculum and self-paced assignments
    • Weekly insight, encouragement and feedback on assignments

Core Leaders Network Results

  • Results – CLN participants will experience:
    • A greater ability to positively impact work, home, and community
    • Reduce stress and increase levels of hopefulness
    • A more positive work environment
    • An increased ability to empower and support your team


In his 30-year career spanning broadcast media, professional ministry and healthcare industry management, Paul Swearengin has honed the ability to cast a vision, take giant leaps of faith, build teams, and overcome obstacles to pursue that vision. His professional experience includes TV and Radio sportscasting, raising $4 million in private equity for a sports radio company, serving on the startup team of a large healthcare company, and birthing and growing a non-denominational church. Now, a licensed minister in the business world, Paul has poured his multifaceted skills into the Core Leaders Network, fostering leaders to achieve greater personal and professional well-being and inspiring them to positively impact the world around them.